From the President’s Desk – September 2016

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Stepping conclusively into the digital world.

Dear Friends,

After a protracted debate on the subject, next month will be the first month that VMUG is committing fully to delivering a 100% digital MacTalk—this will be the last paper edition. We were faced with having to reorder our envelopes for the monthly newsletter, and decided that the constant vacillation on whether to go digital needed some decisive action.

Fundamentally it boiled down to two key factors: excessive ongoing cost which could be far better applied elsewhere, and the fundamental fact that we’re a computer club and should be embracing modern methods of delivering this information.

Why didn’t we do this sooner? Oddly enough the biggest factor was fear. There was concern that those loyal VMUG members that weren’t able to attend meetings regularly were dependant on the monthly postal delivery to remain connected to the group. We were afraid that this would lead to a steep decline in membership renewals.

What has happened instead is that I feel that we have done our best to make every consideration to the membership to ensure that MacTalk both continues to be a source of relevant information about the group, and that the experience is an improvement upon the paper edition. We have created an opportunity for MacTalk to grow in new ways, and add value to the VMUG membership.

Every month, we will deliver a notice that the current MacTalk is available on the website through an email campaign with a link to the content. It will be published as articles on the website, with the added benefit that the content will add to our search engine profile. We expect that the addition of this relevant content will drive more traffic to the website both from the membership, and from new potential members.

We hope you enjoy this new experience, and welcome any feedback you may have to build upon this new effort. Thank you for your loyalty and patience while we make this transition.

That being said, this months general meeting will be full of new announcements from Apple’s traditional September event. New iOS 10 and macOS Sierra, along with what we expect will be a veritable buffet of new product announcements.

Best regards—I look forward to seeing you on September 14th!