From The President’s Desk – October

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Welcome to the first fully digital version of MacTalk. Last month Apple announced its latest desktop operating system—macOS 10.12 or “Sierra” and iOS 10. We’ll be delving deeper into their features at the upcoming meeting, so bring your questions and concerns along with you. Since Chas will be away for this General Meeting I have the onerous task of filling his shoes. Comedy notwithstanding, I will endeavour to fill your minds with the latest unique ways to use a desktop computer and your mobile device.


As well as going over the latest advances, I’ll also be taking a sideline line at what you can do to prepare for a major upgrade like this. Remember—incremental releases are updates—major OS releases are upgrades.


With 10.11 El Capitan turning out to be a really solid OS behind us, we will debate the need to continually upgrade the OS, and what you’re really sacrificing by abstaining. We all love new features, but what are the hidden costs in constantly pushing forward?


I’d like to take this opportunity to also encourage you all to take the leap and dive into the new forum. Many of our members are enjoying the ability to interact on specific topics of interest, as well as post screenshots of issues that are troubling them—this was never a possibility on the Listserv, and while we’re not in a hurry to shutdown the the Listserv, we really want to see adoption of the new forum climb higher and higher. It is after all a great member-only feature of VMUG—the community knowledge pool is great—wouldn’t you want to see your question contributing to a lasting tome of knowledge?


Anyway, on with the show! I’ll look forward to seeing you all at the General Meeting. Bring your old tomatoes and rotten cabbages 🙂


Aitan Roubini