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AUG Bulletin - February 15, 2019

Post announcements that may be of interest to other members here.
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AUG Bulletin - February 15, 2019

Postby bal » Sat Feb 16, 2019 2:20 am

Apple User Group Bulletin - February 15, 2019

February's Feature Vendor:

You may remember Stellar Data Recovery products from multiple Macworld Expos and User Group University events. If you are one of the more than three million people who have used Stellar Data Recovery, you remember it fondly because it works so well. The newest version, Stellar Data Recovery for Mac, offers a range of features to recover lost and deleted data from a Mac-based hard drives, SSDs, memory cards, USB flash drives and other external storage media. It can easily recover lost partitions, photos, videos, critical office documents and other important files, even from Time Machine, BootCamp partitions and encrypted hard drives. In addition, Stellar Data Recovery for Mac has a great, limited-time, discount offer for user group members and officers on this month's vendor discount page.

The Apple User Group Advisory Board Welcomes a New Chair:

Welcome to new Apple User Group Advisory Board Chair Doug Smith. User group members may have met Doug when he led the Apple User Group Regional Liaison team, held multiple positions with HAAUG, or was a member of the events team for many Macworld Expos. In fact, Doug has served in many user group positions since the 1990s. Doug has a BS in Radio, Television, and Film from the University of Texas, lives along the gulf coast with his wife Traci, and enjoys live music, sailing, hunting and cooking. The Board looks forward to serving under his leadership.

The Apple User Group Advisory Board Thanks Our Retiring Chair:

As we congratulate Doug for his election as chair, the team will miss Rick Ortiz' ideas, humor, and guidance. We are lucky to have two great leaders in a row.

Rick has generously served two terms and decided to step down to give more attention to the technical tasks related to our blog and related activities. Like Doug, Rick has a long background in user groups. He has served as president of the Maui Apple User Society since 2000 and has held numerous other positions since he joined in 1997. He owns a computer consulting business in Maui, Hawaii, and is an Apple Certified Trainer and instructor at the University of Hawaii Maui Campus.

Today at Apple:

Have you visited Today at Apple recently? There are 50 new sessions on offer, covering three categories: Skills, Walks, and Labs. In Skills sessions, you will get familiar with the fundamental techniques and tools of a creative topic. Labs dive deeper into a creative approach by getting you started on a project that you can take further. Walks let you experiment with creative techniques on a guided walk around the neighborhood, designed for levels from beginner to seasoned pro.

Whether you want to learn how to sketch architecture, take the perfect photo using professional techniques, make an app prototype, engage in a Sphero robot challenge, or simply enhance your own creative skills, there is a session for you!



This month's blog also offers a link to an article by Randy Singer, leader of the 9.000+ member MacAttorney User Group, co-author of multiple editions of the Macintosh Bible, author of the ABA’s The Macintosh Software Guide for the Law Office, writer of the MacAttorney Newsletter, and popular presenter. Randy offers a look at free or inexpensive applications that are very much worth having.

As always, if you have an idea for a resource, let us know.


- February's Featured Vendor: Stellar Data Recovery for Mac
- Today at Apple: New Skills, Walks, and Labs
- CES 2019: an Overview by Tom Piper
- Randy Singer of MacAttorney: Free or Inexpensive Macintosh Software
- Mac Memories: Readers' Responses From Last Month's Question
- CES: Andy Marken’s Take

- Ongoing Offers for User Group Members:

Special Offer – Stellar Data Recovery for Mac: 12% – 55% Off
Special Offer – Offer Extended – Apparent Software: 30% Discount
Special Offer – TidBITS Content Network: Trial Offer
Special Offer - EverWeb by RAGE Software: 50% Discount - Updated Link
Special Offer - Take Control Books: 30% Discount on All eBooks
Special Offer - Teams ID, a Password Manager for Teams: 33% Discount
Special Offer - Eltima Software: Up to 60% Off OS X Apps
Special Offer - Opus ][ Complete Collection: 25% Discount
Special Offer - AgileBits 1Password 7: 25% Discount
Special Offer - TechTool Pro 9.5: 60% Discount
Special Offer - Noteboom Tutorials: 33% Off Annual Memberships
Special Offer - Prosoft Engineering: 25% Off
Special Offer - Que Publishing Products: 35-45% Discount

- Offers for User Group Leaders:

Leader Special Offer - Apparent Software: Leader Offer
Leader Special Offer - Working Smarter for Mac Users
Leader Special Offer - Gumdrop Cases for Review
Leader Special Offer - Nisus Writer Pro: For UG Group Leaders
Leader Special Offer - EverWeb: Free Review and Special Offer
Leader Special Offer - Noteboom Tutorials: Review Offer
Leader Special Offer - Prosoft: MUG Software Review Program
Leader Special Offer - Tropical Software: Free Leader Offer
Leader Special Offer - Camtasia and Snagit for Mac Special Offer

All member offers and codes are on one easy-to-cut-and-paste page for newsletter editors, courtesy of Elsa Travisano:

https://appleusergroupresources.com/spe ... ith-codes/

Password for member offers (UG Member Deals - all one word):

12/16/2018 to 5/17/2019 -- ugmemberdeals

Leaders can use the same password for leader offers. Please remember that the leader offers are limited to one per group.


Saundra Foderick, Editor
Tom Piper, Vendor Coordinator
Rick Ortiz and Elsa Travisano, Webmasters
Elsa Travisano, Offers Editor
Trish Huffman, Offers Editor

Questions? Comments? Tips for group leaders or members? Send them to ugbeditor@me.com

Information about third-party offers and promotions was provided to the Apple User Group Advisory Board by the third party and is provided as a courtesy. The Apple User Group Advisory Board makes no representations and disclaims any liability regarding offers and promotions. Please direct questions about an offer or promotion directly to the appropriate third party.

Copyright 2019 The Apple User Group Advisory Board. All rights reserved. The Apple User Group Advisory Board permits reproduction of the contents of the Apple User Group Bulletin for publicity and promotional purposes. Please include a link to http://appleusergroupresources.com if you use any of this information for publicity or promotional purposes.
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