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MS Word Tables problem

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MS Word Tables problem

Postby TimRichards » Tue Dec 18, 2018 4:42 pm

I recently was doing some reports using Word tables. I found that on some of the docs a large blank space between cells grew on the bottom of some pages. In some cases I could shrink a cell, e.g. by reducing the size of the photo in it, and then Word will repaginate, filling the unoccupied white space at the bottom of the previous page. But sometimes the space would simply not fill - I tried deleting various cells, and re-entering the data, but was stuck with (occasionally) a large white space at the bottom of a page. Does anyone have a way to fix this? Thanks. I for some reason do not receive notifications on the VMUG forum so I may not notice replies for a bit until I get back here. Cheers,TR
p.s. I use a Word subscription, it is up to date, and I have a 2015 MBpro running 10.13.6
Thank you for any ideas.

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