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Wanted: Outlook 2011 or MS Office 2011

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Wanted: Outlook 2011 or MS Office 2011

Postby vichighmathguy » Sun May 12, 2019 9:13 am

Last night I helped my daughters husband get his entourage 2008 back up and running after it said the database was corrupted. Lucky thing to as the last time they had backed it up was over a year ago (! ).
I don’t use any of the Office suite so had to do some reading and found that he should have migrated to Outlook 2011 which had an import function to import from Entourage. That function no longer exists in the 2016 version of Outlook. Looking to help them out of their dilemma, I wonder if anyone would have a copy of Outlook 2011 along with the serial number so that we could achieve the migration before moving on to outlook 2016. Thank you for your help or suggestions.
Don Mayer

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