The End of an Era…

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Newsletter of the Victoria Macintosh Users Group
Layout and design … Bill Bothwell
Editor … Marnie Scholes 
B/W February 2001 MACtalk
Colour of Interior Pages – White
Cover Colour – Blue
Number of copies -450
Number of pages – 16
To be ready for pickup February 2nd 
Phone Shirley Demeriez   656-2845 
to co-ordinate pickup timing.
Shirley Demeriez   (656-2845)   280 Copies
Bill Bothwell  (  170 Copies


Every fourth or fifth weekend of the month, since January of 2001, I’ve been sending the above text (with relevant changes) to Fotoprint along with the latest PDF file of MACtalk for printing. In a scant few minutes I’ll be doing it for the last time. I’m a little sad at the prospect, but in the words of the great singer-songwriter-poet Robert Zimmerman (aka Bob Dylan) “The Times They Are a-Changin” and MACtalk needs to change with them.

MACtalk isn’t going away…it’s undergoing a metamorphosis from paper to digital. I’ll still be hunting down copy, taking pictures of draw prize winners, and gently harassing VMUG Presidents for their monthly message. I won’t have to deal with the printer anymore or deliver paper MACtalks to the various Mac retailers in town. I have to say I do like that idea… =)

This change is going to put a few people out of work. Marnie Scholes will reluctantly give up her title of BIG FINGER…whoops, I mean Editor Emeritus, she’ll always be the BIG FINGER.

The unsung Mail Out/Distribution team are being forced into retirement as well. Shirley Demeriez has been picking up the MACtalks from Fotoprint and mailing them out as long as I’ve been laying them out. Thanks Shirley.

And not to forget the titanic efforts of Robin Tamasi, Steve Fairbrother and lately, Terry Findlay, Bal Sekha and Pam Wishart. Profuse thanks to all of you. Enjoy your retirement!!!

It’s 3:23 am, Tuesday, August 30th, 2016 and I have a MACtalk to upload…

Bill Bothwell

Editor/Layout Guy

MACtalk, Victoria Macintosh Users Group