Apple User Group Bulletin - April 17, 2023


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Apple User Group Bulletin - April 17, 2023

April's Featured Vendor

During Tom's visit to CES, he met with RollingSquare, a Swiss company that calls themselves tech minimalists. Why? They focus on creating products that meet real-world needs, with an attention to high-end design, functionality, and premium quality. So, their products are beautiful, natural, and easy to use.

And, their offerings are truly useful. From their keyring form factor TAU® emergency power bank that charges multiple devices (Lightning, Micro USB, USB-C), to their popular inCharge® multi-function cables, their fast-charging GaN chargers, HYPHEN® 2 ear buds, NAKEY cases (for people who hate cases), and their new Edge mount kit and accessories, each product is aesthetically pleasing and functionally excellent.

Better yet, RollingSquare is offering a limited-time 20% discount to user group members. Check out this month's vendor offers for full details.

Stories in this month's blog:

- Apple and Earth Day 2023: Making a Difference
- April Featured Vendor: RollingSquare
- AWUGU Meeting Report about AUGs and ChatGPT
- Helping the Community: CMUG’s Wonderful Charity Donations
- Meeting Topics: How to clean your Apple products
- LACPUG: AI Night
- News to Use: Apple Shop With a Specialist
- How To: Delisting a Disbanded Group
- A Blast from the Past: Apple User Group Connection
- Ongoing Offers for User Group Members:

Special Offer – Rolling Square Hardware: 20% Discount
Special Offer – AgileBits 1Password 7: 25% Discount
Special Offer – Eve Products: 25% Discount – Updated
Special Offer – EverWeb by RAGE Software: 50% Discount
Special Offer – Opus ][ Complete Collection: 25% Discount
Special Offer – Que Publishing Products: 35-45% Discount
Special Offer – Take Control Books: 30% Discount on All eBooks
Special Offer – Teams ID, a Password Manager for Teams: 33% Discount
Special Offer – TechTool Pro: 50% Discount – Updated
Special Offer – TidBITS Content Network for Apple professionals

- Offers for User Group Leaders:

Leader Special Offer - Apparent Software: Leader Offer
Leader Special Offer - Gumdrop Cases for Review
Leader Special Offer - EverWeb by RAGE Software: Free to Apple User Group

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newsletter editors.

Password for member offers ugmemberdeals (UG Member Deals - all one word):

02/13/2023 to 10/18/2023-- ugmemberdeals

Leaders can use the same password for leader offers. Please remember that leader offers are limited to one per group.

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