Apple User Group Bulletin - May 19, 2022


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Apple User Group Bulletin - May 19, 2022

Stories in this month's blog:

- There's a Feature for That: Apple's Innovative Accessibility Features
- Storyboards and Magic Movie on iPhone: True iMovie Magic
- AWUGU Meeting Report about Hybrid Meetings by Tom Piper
- KansasFest 2022: Be There
- Apple Support on YouTube: Creating custom vibrations and ringtones for iPhone
- Meeting Ideas: Today at Apple: Podcasts, Playful Portraits, Photo Walks and more
- Meeting Idea: How to Make Emergency Calls on iPhone or Apple Watch
- Ongoing Offers for User Group Members:

Special Offer – AgileBits 1Password 7: 25% Discount
Special Offer – Eve Products: 25% Discount – Updated
Special Offer – EverWeb by RAGE Software: 50% Discount
Special Offer – Opus ][ Complete Collection: 25% Discount
Special Offer – Que Publishing Products: 35-45% Discount
Special Offer – Take Control Books: 30% Discount on All eBooks
Special Offer – Teams ID, a Password Manager for Teams: 33% Discount
Special Offer – TechTool Pro: 50% Discount – Updated
Special Offer – TidBITS Content Network for Apple professionals: Get a free month of tips and articles!

Expiring May 31:

Special Offer – LoveHandle PRO – Magnetic Kickstand + Phone Gripz: 20% Discount
Special Offer – G-Hold Devices: 30% Discount
Special Offer – AirTamer Air Cleaner: 30% Discount

- Offers for User Group Leaders:

Leader Special Offer - Apparent Software: Leader Offer
Leader Special Offer - Gumdrop Cases for Review
Leader Special Offer - EverWeb by RAGE Software: Free to Apple User Group

Thanks to Elsa Travisano, who provides member offers and codes on one easy-to-cut-and-paste page for
newsletter editors.

Password for member offers ugmemberdeals (UG Member Deals - all one word):

10/13/2020 to 10/18/2022-- ugmemberdeals

Leaders can use the same password for leader offers. Please remember that leader offers are limited to one per group.

Saundra Foderick, Editor
Tom Piper, Vendor Coordinator and AWUGU Moderator
Rick Ortiz and Elsa Travisano, Webmasters
Elsa Travisano, Offers Editor
Trish Huffman, Offers Editor

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