Apple Watch to rescue again!


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Wille Geist had a segment on his Sunday news show about a woman who was using an inversion table at a local gym. It was very early in the morning before anyone arrived. She had gotten herself "completely upside down" and could not get back up to an upright position!

Fortunately, she was wearing an Apple Watch, with a cellular connection, and called 911. The police arrived to help her get back up. It didn’t take much of an effort because it went back up quite easily - it just needed a little extra push. I guess there's a “tipping point “ where it can be almost impossible to get yourself back up on your own depending on your body type and strength. I imagine hanging upside down for too long could cause some serious damage?

Yet another reason to buy that Apple Watch!! I wonder if the Apple marketing department is paying attention?
Cheers, David


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Oh believe me they get a deluge of mail from around the world in praise of the Apple Watch. We're expecting to hear about the latest model on Wednesday, so stay tuned!