Apple's podcast app drops a podcast I have been following.


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Just a tip about something to watch for... I use Apple's podcast app for the apps I follow. I watch a number of Apple related podcasts, which, of course, includes the excellent Space Javelin, which I have been following faithfully for years. Over the Christmas holidays a number of podcasts took a break, and I was also otherwise occupied so didn't pay attention to them as well as I should. I have now started getting back into catching up, and this week started watching a number of them. However at tonight's VMUG general meeting I was reminded of Space Javelin and realized I have not been seeing it offered to me. So I went into the podcast app and searched for it and had to "Follow" it again. Somehow the Apple podcast app had dropped it from the ones I should be receiving when available. I now have two episodes to look forward to. So keep an eye on the list of podcasts you follow if you use the Apple podcast app. It may find some reason to dump one or more of them without warning.