Attachment in email forwarded to iPhone is larger than screen


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I received an email from a cousin that included a photo. I looked at it on my iMac (macOS 12.5) and forwarded it to my wife, who attempted to look at it on her iPhone 13 (iOS 15.6). The body of the email appeared normal (a few paragraphs of text of 3 or 4 lines each) and a box for the attachment that said "tap to download". Once tapped, the photo appeared but was HUGE! She would have to scroll all over the place to get a sense of the photo. Also the text that looked normal before tapping, now runs off as one long line of text per paragraph. I tried opening the original email on my iPhone 11 (iOS 15.6) and "tap to download" produces a normally viewable photo. I wondered if the issue was that I originally sent it from my Mac so forwarded it again from my iPhone, but again an unviewable photo. I have compared Mail settings on both iPhones and they are identical so now I think it was the act of forwarding that caused the issue. Is there some setting that might affect this and once corrected might produce the proper result.