AUG Bulletin - June 17, 2019


Apple User Group Bulletin - June 17, 2019

June's Featured Vendor: Matias

Matias has quite a following in the Mac User Group community because of their reputation for high quality products and for rescuing lost or abandoned technologies. For example, they make some of the best wired keyboards available today, as well as a product line of wireless keyboards, and their iRizer and iFold portable ergonomic laptop stands. They are also known for their Dvorak Pro keyboard, Half Keyboard for one handed typing, and Half-qwerty Keyboards. While they have been producing award-winning products for 30 years, they still offer the same level of truly personal and truly excellent customer service. Best of all, they are offering a generous user group discount for Apple User Group officers and members in this month's Bulletin and Blog.

Meeting Ideas: iMovie for iOS and iMovie for Mac, iOS 13, iPad OS, WatchOS 6

WWDC was amazing this year, with so many exciting announcements. Needless to say, your group will want to learn about the changes that are coming and the features that will help them get more from their Apple devices. The good news is that ASW has your back with specification sheets and presentations that provide the information you need. Why not use iMovie for iOS and iMovie for Mac – First Look (L544682A-en_US), watchOS 6 Preview – First Look (L585042A-en_US), iOS 13 Preview – First Look (L585037A-en_US), or iPadOS Preview – First Look (L585034A-en_US) for your group’s next meeting topic? You will be glad you did!

Have you ever wondered why some photos catch the eye while others are pedestrian and boring? If so, your group might enjoy two new photo series from Today at Apple. Photo Lab: Disrupting the Portrait, Co-created with Christopher Anderson offers a look at ways to rethink the subject, obstruct the lens, and stylize your shots, all based on ideas from award-winning photographer Christopher Anderson. And, with Photo Lab for Kids: Fun Family Portraits your members can learn how to use iPad and iPhone to capture action, understand how background and lighting can make for a great shot, add fun text and art to a picture, and more.

Ambassadors: June is a great month to use Apple Resources.

As always, if you have an idea for a resource, let us know.

- June's Featured Vendor: Matias
- Meeting Ideas: iMovie for iOS and iMovie for Mac, iOS 13, iPad OS, WatchOS 6
- How To: Apple Support Options for User Groups by Rick Ortiz
- How To: Raising Money With Patreon For Your User Group by Rex Covington
- TAAMUG: Bring and Brag Makes for a Great Meeting Idea
- Meeting Idea: Today at Apple Presents Photo Lab: Disrupting the Portrait
- News to Use: UG Leader Support Ticket System
- Apple Product Placement: Your Favorite Devices on Your Favorite Shows
- Ongoing Offers for User Group Members:

Special Offer – MacCleanse 8 Software: 20% Discount
Special Offer – iXflash storage device: 20% discount
Special Offer – Silver Matias Keyboard Special: 50% Discount
Special Offer – TidBITS Content Network: Trial Offer
Special Offer - EverWeb by RAGE Software: 50% Discount - Updated Link
Special Offer - Take Control Books: 30% Discount on All eBooks
Special Offer - Teams ID, a Password Manager for Teams: 33% Discount
Special Offer - Eltima Software: Up to 60% Off OS X Apps
Special Offer - Opus ][ Complete Collection: 25% Discount
Special Offer - AgileBits 1Password 7 Subscription: 25% Discount
Special Offer - TechTool Pro 11: 50% Discount
Special Offer - Noteboom Tutorials: 33% Off Annual Memberships
Special Offer - Que Publishing Products: 35-45% Discount
- Special Offers Ending June 1:
Special Offer – iXflash storage device: 20% discount
Special Offer – Silver Matias Keyboard Special: 50% Discount

- Offers for User Group Leaders:
Leader Special Offer – MacCleanse 8 Software: Leader Offer
Leader Special Offer - Apparent Software
Leader Special Offer - Gumdrop Cases for Review
Leader Special Offer - Nisus Writer Pro: For UG Group Leaders
Leader Special Offer - EverWeb: Free Review and Special Offer
Leader Special Offer - Noteboom Tutorials: Review Offer
Leader Special Offer - Tropical Software: Free Leader Offer
Leader Special Offer - Camtasia and Snagit for Mac Special Offer
All member offers and codes are on one easy-to-cut-and-paste page for newsletter editors:

Password for member offers (UG Member Deals - all one word):

1/17/2019 to 10/17/2019 -- ugmemberdeals

Leaders can use the same password for leader offers. Please remember that the leader offers are limited to one per group.


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Tom Piper, Vendor Coordinator
Rick Ortiz and Elsa Travisano, Webmasters
Elsa Travisano, Offers Editor
Trish Huffman, Offers Editor

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