Bought Apple Watch 7 - can't do last update / other updates

Hi, Happy Holidays
I had to break down and buy another Apple Watch last week (the Apple Watch 3 needed recharging 3 times in a day). As I have my data in the cloud, the set up was easy - except for 2 things.

For some reason, I can't connect my watch with my phone via bluetooth. It is connected via wifi. I think the reason I can't do the latest update on my watch is because I don't have bluetooth? I have tried several times to erase the content on my watch to reset it, but it won't work. I get an error message saying "Could Not Connect to Apple Watch, Make sure your Apple Watch is nearby, powered on, and not in Airplane Mode." My phone is cm away from my watch, it's powered on (on the charger) and it's not in airplane mode.

As I can't connect my watch to the phone via bluetooth, my exercise and sleep apps are not updating to my phone.

I've checked the manual and Apple Support to no avail. I've removed the Apple Watch 3 from my devices. Should I remove the new watch from my devices and set it up again?

Thanks! Donna


I’d factory reset the Watch and try from scratch to ensure there are no lingering weirdnesses. Report back pls!
Why not just turn Bluetooth on?
It won't work. That's part of the problem. I contacted Apple Support yesterday. The end result is an appointment today at Wireless Wave at HIllside Shopping Centre. Hopefully, the person at the store can fix the problem.
The Wireless Wave person unpaired my watch from the iPhone, and he was able to do the update and re-pair my watch to the phone. I could have done this myself, but I thought I'd get advice from Apple Support. The Support person didn't really know what she was doing, unfortunately. The last time I had to contact Apple Support, the person was very helpful. That's life, eh?!


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I had to do something similar with my Apple Watch Series 3 to get it to take watchOS 8, but subsequent updates have been no problem.
For some silly reason, I still can't update to the 8.3 version. I'll have to unpair my watch and try again - groan. Otherwise, the series 7 is nice (it should be for the price!).


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Be sure to remove all third party apps from your Watch before doing a big update. You can put them back after it’s done.