Can we create a link to a topic we create?


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I know that when you subscribe to a topic, you can choose to receive an email when someone responds to that topic. And such an email includes a link so you can quickly jump right to the correct spot on the forum to view that response.

My question is: When one creates a topic, can they find a link to reach that topic directly so it could be posted on the VMUG listserv?

It seems to me, that might reduce duplication of questions posted both to the forum and the listserv and might entice more "new" people to explore the use of the forum rather than a duplicated question on the listserv which they can just read entirely there and then forget about using the forum.


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Under the wrench icon menu there is an option "Email topic". You can use this to send the topic title to an email address you provide. I tried it out by sending an email to myself and here is the email I received:
Hello Terry,

This email was sent from "VMUG Member Forums" by tfindlay who thought you
may be interested in the following topic:

Can we create a link to a topic we create?

You can find it at:


A message from tfindlay may also be included below. Please note that this
message has not been seen or approved by the board administrators. If you
wish to complain about having received this email please contact the board
administrator at memberlist.php?mode=contactadmin.
Please quote the message headers when contacting this address.


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Thanks Terry,

I have just tried emailing my Photos "Years" view question to the listserv as a test case. It will be interesting to see how that shows up.


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Terry, I see that it seemed to send two slightly different copies to the listserv, each appearing as if it came from you. Perhaps not what is really wanted?