Cannot sign into Apple TV (Cont)


In case it makes any difference its an Apple TV 4 and the system is TV os 12.1.2 - David

After several hours of fiddling with the system I am now signed in to Apple TV but cannot connect to anything such as Amazon Prime of which I am a member or CBC Gem or anything else.

It say's "We've run into a problem. It looks like something didn't work quite right. If the problem continues, check your internet connection." That's it. No suggestion on how to check my internet connection. Everything is working fine. So, while I'm a little farther ahead I still can't watch anything.

All very frustrating. I also notice that for TV shows currently available on regular TV they ask for a payment of $3.99 or more. So far I have not found anything that is "free". I keep hearing about "free" viewing but can't seem to find it. I now wonder why I paid $299 for Apple TV. Seems like a bit of a rip-off.

If anyone has any suggestions I would appreciate the help. David
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A few questions:

How is the Apple TV connected to your network - via ethernet (a cable to your router) or wifi?
If on wifi I assume you have set it up to access your home network in settings

Perhaps try an App like YouTube to see if you are getting out at all.



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Part of my presentation at the last general meeting focused on both subscription and free viewing apps for Apple TV, iOS devices, and Macs.

Presumably by Apple TV 4 you mean an Apple TV 4K, and that needs to be connected either through Wi-Fi or via ethernet. The first thing I would suggest you do is check your Internet speed… Streaming video requires a fairly high download speed, especially any content in 4K. I generally recommend Shaw 75 or higher, or the Telus equivalent. I did hear today thatTelus has been having some issues, so it might not be you if that’s your provider.