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When i logged in to change my password, 1password (or may have been iPadOS) warned me that the URL had switched from https to http, i.e. was not secure and someone could see the info flow.

why isnt it https - especially for a password change and especially on a tech related website?


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You don't say where you were logging into, but if you're referring to this site, send a note to Terry Findley about it.


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The URL for the VMUG site is
The URL for the forum is
Although the forum does not have the added security of the "s" designation you can enable two-factor verification in your forum preferences.
It is my understanding that the "s" designation is more of an issue for sites that involve financial transactions.
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Financial trans certainly should use it but it is my understanding that the https designates that there is end to end encryption, so setting passwords via https ensures nobody else can see the clear password. Http is vulnerable to ‘man in the middle’ attacks.