Craft - Amazing notes app for Apple devices


Staff member
I like Apple Notes. It does the basic job of organizing information but I have often thought it would be helpful to be able to easily link to one note within another note. I think I have tried nearly every note taking and organizing app available for Macs and other Apple devices. Some of them had note linking but lacked other features I like. A few weeks ago I came across Craft in the App Store and decided to give it a try based on the rave reviews. It turns out that Craft was named the App of the Year for 2021.

I have used Craft daily since downloading it. I love the simple note linking feature. After using the free version for awhile I decided to upgrade to the Profession version which costs $44.99/yr. US to get some of the extra features it offers.

If you are like me and have a tonne of information that needs to be kept organized I suggest you give Craft a try.