Excellent article on alternative streaming services


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This is a great list of the best streamers you’ve probably not heard of. I’ve talked about most of these at some point in my classes on streaming TV and why it’s a good option to pair streaming with or without cable.



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For me, Acorn remains the best. Old favourites like Midsommer Murders with episodes not yet shown on our local cable channels, other great British mysteries from the truly dark, to the somewhat humorous to lighten the evening, Australian and New Zealand gems. Other types beyond mysteries as well. Always new stuff to investigate and more shows added to our "Watchlist" then we will ever be able to watch.

One feature I really like, is that it marks played episodes with a red bar so if you skip back and forth between different shows, when you return to a series, you can tell what you have already watched and what is next to be watched.

Chas put me on to this service originally and as usual it was fabulous advice.