Facebook jackpot promotion


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So I got a message from a chap in the states ,(a friend) and said he saw my name on the FJP. Did I collect my winnings.?
He said he was given $60,000. I should click on the link to claim my Wining’s.
My Facebook friend has not posted in over 8 months, so I really feel he has been hacked.
Is there somewhere to report the link. The link is to Agent markJames 550.
This is a scam would u say. By clicking on the link what information would they get?


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I would say clearly a scam and you should just delete it. Do you have some other way of contacting that friend other than by Facebook? (email or a phone call). It might be wise to discuss this directly with him. As to what information they would get, it is Facebook!


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Very clearly a scam. Once you responded, they would want your bank info so they can “give you your winnings,“ hahaha.