Headphones for TV Listening ??


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Elderly friend looking for guidance on purchase of over the head earphones (wireless) for his TV listening so he can hear it without his wife requiring ear plugs and neighbours complaining. Older Sony Bravia (not smart) TV, if that is important. Anyone using something for this purpose can perhaps suggest brand and location for purchase. Any information would be greatly appreciated as I try to help him solve this problem. (No - hearing aids are not involved nor seem likely to enter the equation) :(


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First order if business is to determine if the TV has a headphone jack, and/or RCA audio out, and/or optical. Since you mention its an old Sony, it is unlikely to have Bluetooth.

Assuming it does, something like this (from London Drugs in this case, but available at other electronics stores also) should do the trick:

(there is also a slightly more expensive Sony model also available)

Depending on the model of TV and the output from TV connection, there should be a way to have both the headphones active (for him) and independent volume on the TV speakers (for her and the neighbours). :D