iCloud folder (14GB) on desktop- can I delete it?

Doug Bell

I don't know the workings of iCloud well enough. I copied my iCloud contents to a desktop folder ( has14GB in it) on my MB air yesterday; thinking that It would be a good idea if I am without internet for a few weeks. Perhaps a bad idea?
Now looking at "Optimize Mac Storage" turned on and enough storage in my Mac, was copying the iCloud to a file unnecessary?
If so, can I just delete that desktop folder without losing the cloud and other files in the computer hard drive?

( Perhaps iCloud / iCloud Drive as a topic for the monthly meeting? )


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Because you have "Optimize Mac Storage" turned on, your content (prior to your downloading) was previously living only in iCloud, so if you know you're going to be without Internet for a while, it does no harm to have your iCloud folder on local storage. Your iCloud contents are still on iCloud servers.

Before you turn the internet back on, however, you should delete that iCloud folder on your desktop in case it tries to upload all that content AGAIN to iCloud, doubling your iCloud storage.

If I were in that situation, I would have copied my iCloud folder to an external SSD (because I hate waiting for anything) and then only plugged that drive in when I was without any internet connection, and eliminated the risk of iCloud trying to re-upload a lot of duplicate content.