iCloud Mail


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New M1 iMac running current version of Big Sur. I used Time Machine backup to create from my now deceased iMac 27" 2011 i7. Most issues of programs have now been worked out however a couple of strange discoveries. Went into Stickies yesterday for the first time. Only one showed. Thought I had lost all the rest until I discovered they were all on top of each other in same sized windows. Just wanted to pass on this discovery.

Existing Problem:
All my incoming email on my iCloud account is being sent to junk mail. My internet provider is Shaw and it thinks any iCloud mail received is Junk according to the messages it gives me when I look at the mail. All the transferred rules for my older Shaw email accounts are now working perfectly where I was having issues on the older iMac with some of them not going into correct folders as designated by the rules. Any suggestions how sort this out? Was going to take some steps to close down some of my Shaw email accounts with my iCloud replacements but now on hold until I sort this one out.


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Somewhere you have a filter (“rule”) that all email sent to your iCloud address should be marked as junk. It’s nothing to do with Shaw, which you can check by visiting Shaw’s webmail inbox to see if a test message you send from your own iCloud account to your Shaw account shows up in the webmail’s inbox.

If said test email goes into Shaw webmail’s junk folder, you can check the filters there and remove the one that is flagging iCloud.com email as junk.