iPad 3rd gen to a good home with three great extras

Doug Bell

IMG_2055.jpeg2012 3rd gen iPad model A1430 (unlocked cellular) 64GB
1. handy stand with built-in charger
2. magnetic cover
3. LifeProof waterproof case - essentially unused - in great condition and very rugged - all controls still accessible.

Photos of the items attached.


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Considering this as a intro iPad for one of my younger granddaughters. What are you thinking price wise for this setup you have in the pictures?

Doug Bell

Colin, I have always been disappointed with the difficulty of finding someone who can use our older technology rather than discarding it. Especially when it works well for what it was designed. I would be happy to get it to you for your granddaughter. I forgot to put a price on it. Use it, then give a donation to a local charity. Doug. How do we make contact without publishing our phone # or address?