iPad not synching to iMac


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iPad Air 2, iOS Version 12.1.4
iMac late 2013 build, macOS High Sierra V10.13.6

Returned home after being away for 3 months. Undertook synch between two units - successful. However, subsequent attempts to further update Calendar and Contactshave failed as the two devices are not connecting. See screen shot.

I do recall selecting any option on either device that would have prevented this connection which is also hard connected between the two units.
Once a couple of other types of backups are done, then I will update to Mojave.



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You should be using iCloud to sync calendar and contacts, but I’m not sure why your devices aren’t seeing each other. Old version of iTunes, old version of macOS or iOS?


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RideForever":2a3f241d said:
Thanks Charles - but why should I use iCloud - perhaps I do not wish to have anything in the Cloud.
Well, for starters, it would fix this problem. Secondly, you're confusing iCloud with other cloud-based services. Go have a read of Apple's privacy policy regarding information stored in iCloud. You'll notice an immediate difference from, say, Google.

As I mentioned, however, it is not the only method of sync, and your iTunes sync should be working. Here's a troubleshooting guide for devices connected but not seen under iTunes: https://support.apple.com/en-ca/HT204095