'Kernel Panic' ???


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I recently bought a WD 2TB My Passport SSD External Portable Drive to handle my automatic daily backups on my iMac. I formatted it as ExFAT and Master Boot Record. I have been finding that the iMac has a new habit of restarting and therefore not completing the backup which is run by Carbon Copy Cloner. Could this be an example of Kernel Panic? Is there a better way for me to format the drive to prevent the iMac from restarting?

I have removed the new drive and things are back to normal. I would certainly like to use the drive...it wasn't a small investment!

Thanks in advance, Dave


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You didn't mention how old the iMac is, or what version of macOS you are using. The Partition Map used should be Guid Partition Map. You can format it as Mac OS Extended (Journaled) for older systems but more recently Apple has started using APFS so if your iMac is up to date, that would be a good choice.

However in the case of the latest macOS and APFS with Carbon Copy Cloner, make sure that is up to date also and you have read the warnings about trying to make a bootable backup.


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Yes, reformat the backup drive to APFS or Mac OS Extended, reset the Time Machine app to use the external drive, and that should solve the issue.