mail won't send from gmail


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I have switched over most of my email to a Gmail account. We use shaw for internet at home.
When I respond to an email I have received, Mail tries to send from my gmail account, but shaw rejects that. What's the use if very time I send an email I have to switch the' sender' address back to my old Shaw address? I confess I am confused and frustrated...any suggestions greatly appreciated.


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If you are using the Apple Mail app for this, then I suspect your settings for outgoing email in your Gmail account are screwed up/the same as Shaw/Rogers, which would be the problem.

The correct setting for outgoing mail for a Gmail account is, the username is your Gmail address, and the password is of course your Gmail/Google password. If you see an option for specifying the port number, that's 465 and turn SSL on if its not specified already.