Malwarebytes and High Serria


I have a friend who is using High Serria (not sure why?) and I've suggested he load Malwarebytes Premium edition now that it's on sale. He has the free version now. But he's wondering if he can use the new version of Malwarebytes with High Serria. I don't think it matters but if anyone knows can you let me know.

Thanks David

P.S. I'm going to suggest he update from High Serria to Mojave. I suspect he should do that first before loading Malwarebytes?


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He can’t move to Mojave now ... too late. He’ll have to move to Catalina or, if the machine is not able to run Catalina, stay on High Sierra. The current version of MalwareBytes requires macOS 10.10 or later so he’s fine to run it in High Sierra.