Photos not showing up, in Messages app, across Iphone, iPad, MacBook Pro


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Is anyone else noticing this? I receive a iMessage on my phone from a friend which includes a photo. The text (only) shows up on my iPad and my MacBook Pro, but not the photo. Didn't this useta work? I've noticed it in the the last month or so. I got a new phone in there too so that confused me...but now it seems to be a consistent thing. Just posting this as an FYI. I hope this is not a new 'feature'.


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Tim. Yes I can confirm the same thing but only on my M1 iMac messages. My iPhone 14Pro messages gets single and multiple pictures showing properly however my messages app on the iMac just shows a ? mark in the picture location. Have not tried this on my iPad. M1 iMac is running Ventura 13.6 and iPhone is IOS 17.1.1


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This won't be helpful except as a benchmark... Photos appear normally on my iPhone 15 Pro with iOS 17.1.1 and also on my M2 Mac Mini with macOS 14.1.1 One question I might ask is when you fail to get a photo "from a friend" is he sending from a Mac or iPhone, or perhaps an Android device. Not sure where that would lead but might be a starting point.