problems with 8 and mac with email syncing


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Have been sending and recieving lots of emails from school and therapy center of late for my 5 year old. Sometimes I use the mac and sometimes the iphone 8, both are the same account. When I get mail it shows up on both devices. When I send from the mac everything seems to go to where it should and I can find it in the sent box BUT when I send a mail from the phone, it doesn't show up on the mac at all. I thought that all mail was synced between both. Am I missing a setting or is this the norm? I would like to be able to get the mail sent from my phone onto the mac so I can keep track of everything from both should I need to. Thanks All Donna


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First thing: check that on both machines, the Shaw account is listed as IMAP not POP. if one of them is POP, check with Shaw about how reset it to IMAP on that device.
Second, make sure both devices are set to sync to iCloud for both accounts.