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Hi All,

I've decided to make the switch from Android to a new iPhone. With the new iPhone 12 coming out I'm hoping there will be a sale on the current latest models like the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro. Looking for suggestions on the best model to consider.

I keep hearing on Tech Talk about the iPhone 2020 but can't find much information about it. Is this because what they are really referring to is the new iPhone 12?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. It would be nice to get the latest iPhone but my budget is limited and hoping to get a great new phone with a bit of a discount. However, if anyone believes that I would be much better off getting the new iPhone 12 I'd appreciate your observations as well. If it seems worth it I think I can spare the expense.

Buying a new phone should be an investment that will last. But it can be confusing when comparing the subtle differences between models. All advice greatly appreciated.

Cheers, David


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I believe the "iPhone 2020" you are hearing about is the "iPhone SE 2020" referred to as such to distinguish it from the much older "original" iPhone SE (2016). The 2020 version of the iPhone SE came out in late April of this year, and has been a big hit both with Android switchers (because of the price and speed) and with iPhone owners who enjoyed the smaller form factor of the iPhone 6/7/8 (4.7-inch screen size). In Canada, the iPhone SE 2020 retails for $599 purchased outright, though I believe every carrier has it for $0 with a two-year contract. Apple offers trade-in options that may reduce the price further, and I think they do take Android phones (but you'll want to call and clarify that if you want to explore that option).

Ironically, the iPhone SE 2020 currently holds the title of "fastest smartphone in the world" because it came out after the iPhone 11 and thus was able to take advantage of a quicker chip. This will be superseded by the iPhone 12, of course, but for a "midrange price" phone it is a remarkable thing and beats the pants off even the most expensive Android phones at present.

As far as the iPhone 11 goes, it is worth waiting until after tomorrow's event to see if they reduce the retail price of the iPhone 11, though again many carriers and resellers (like London Drugs) are currently offering the iPhone 11 for $0 with a certain level of contract. We don't know what the iPhone 12 will bring apart from a new speedier chip and possibly four (count 'em!) FOUR different models. I should be expected that the cameras in the new one will offer some improvement on the iPhone 11's camera, but it must be said that the iPhone 11's camera (particularly in the Pro model) is exceptional in every area except optical zoom (I think Samsung takes the prize in that arena).

For all of its improvements, however, the iPhone 12 is going to be sold at full retail or at a substantial price even subsidized by the carriers, so it will be interesting to see if the improvements Apple brings to the table are enough to beat the iPhone 11 at the "free with contract" offer.

Finally, as far as "an investment" goes ... since phones are updated every year, their lifespans tend to be limited. Thanks to some attractive offers from the carriers, many find that they want the new model as soon as their current contract ends and their phone is paid off/tab completed, meaning they get a new one every couple of years. I used to always just buy my phones outright (usually the previous year's model, at a discount) and hang onto it for around four years. Early next year, I will have the option of switching providers or staying with my current one and getting a newer model, so like you I am going to be watching Tuesday's iPhone 12 event with interest to see if they can sway me to a brand new one or if I should take advantage of the $0 iPhone 11 offer (or something similar ... or just wait another year).


As always Chas your comments are through, informative and thoughtful. I'll follow your advice and see what tomorrow brings. But after digesting your thoughts I'll go with the iPhone 11 or Pro once the price drops. Seems like the best option and best phone for the price. As for a provider that's an easy since I'm a Shaw customer.

Thanks for your response. It went a long way to making up my mind. Next comes the learning curve from Android to iPhone. Looking forward to connecting my iMac and Mac Book Pro.and the extras offered like "Apple Pay". My next Apple present is the Apple Watch - another decision - Series 5 or whatever latest version is out when I'm ready to purchase one! Hopefully my Apple stock begins to out perform the markets!!

Cheers, David