Roaming charges


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Hi Everyone: Had a funny thing happen today. I had to go into Gordon Head for a meeting, while there I sent one text/2 words to another person who was actually just across the parking lot from me, didn't want to holler at her. When we got home she received a text from Rogers telling her that there was a charge for roaming from my number, and that we should consider getting a roaming plan for $12 a month. Now I think I understand the roaming thing, the signal bounced off the USA tower across the strait due to the poor/no reception where I was (did not realize that then though). I had this happen once years ago fishing in Sooke also. Can someome tell me the best way to set up the phone so that this doesn't happen again. I mean we live kind of close to all those USA towers don't we? I did phone them and they refunded the charge but I got the impression they weren't happy about it. Maybe they need to work on bettering their coverage. They did tell me a couple things about what to do but with too much info and I got lost in the tech speak. Thought I would turn to the best source of info, meaning you folk. Thanks all and have a great weekend it's going to be nice one. Donna


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Well one way to make sure you don't roam onto a US tower is to go into your phone and Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data Options > Data Roaming (Off)
Also Settings > Cellular > Network Selection > and turn Automatic OFF and then check your service provider in the list below.

Of course, this is real drastic and if you ever hoped to get on another network's towers you would have to undo these settings.