Scanner not responding


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My Epson Perfection V600 scanner is currently not "perfection".
I moved it to another room to have it out of the way while doing some cleaning.
After moving it back, there is no response from it.
The power cable is delivering 24V to the scanner.
Is there anyone who repairs such a device or does anyone here know how to repair it?


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And is the other cable plugged in as well? Another issue I've had is the order the scanner and the software (I use VueScan) are activated. Quitting the software and restarting it could possibly help. I think sometimes scanners don't like to be moved. I took a free scanner offer some time back which was working for the previous owner, and never did get it to work.
Good luck


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Flatbed scanners often have a lock switch on them to be used when moving it, as the lamp is prone to damage. Maybe you set that lock when you moved it, and have forgotten to inlock it again?


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Are you using the scanner to scan old photographs? I'm just now starting to look for such a machine. A friend recommended a canon canoscan 9000F but I'm finding it is harder and harder to cut through the 'crap' on the net and find out what really works...any tips appreciated. RE your problem, if you have power and nothing lights up at all it sounds bad... I have some electrical spray I put into switches and connections when things aren't working right, it really helps with things like flashlights etc. if you can actually get at the switches and connection points. Needs to be unplugged and safe, of course. Then there's smacking it...


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Thanks for the thoughts.
Have tried a second cable with no luck.
Tried it on a second iMac with no luck.
Wondering what else can be done to find the problem.


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I'm too embarrassed to tell anyone but I'll let YOU in on the secret …
I phoned Epson. A lady answered (after 10 minutes).
Her first question was, "Did you use the Power button?"
I thought, "What power button?"
"The one on the side," she continued.
You know, it is SO long since I ever touched that button that I had no idea that it was there.
But it is!
Connected the scanner, pressed THAT button and … Voila!
Happy boy here.
Now, don't let on to anyone … OK?