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Here's a diversion from the worries of the 5 o'clock news -

I have a 35mm slide that, for years, had been kicking around on my desk. It is a photo of a VW "CarGo Tram" and I decided to scan it on a standard scanner.

Proceeding as many experts recommend, I purchased a dust blaster to *really* clean the slide prior to scanning. You might imagine my dismay when looking at the Preview of the photo; nothing but dust and splotches *everywhere*!! (1st scan, attached.)

I was contemplating the task of manually erasing every little dust speck, but -

Having just acquired a Nikon scanner for the purpose of scanning our hundreds of slides, it seemed logical to give it a try. As well, I used the scanning program I had just downloaded, VueScan. In no time at all, I was presented with a beautiful dust-free photo. (2nd scan attached.)

How wonderful it is to have such time-saving equipment and programs!




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