Syncing Contacts on iPhone


My iPhone is not syncing Contacts with the iMac nor with the iPad. The Mac and iPad keep up to date OK.

It is interesting that Calendar on the iPhone is keeping up to date with the others.

Advice please.



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First, make sure all three devices are signed into the same iCloud account.

Next, make sure that Contacts syncing to iCloud is turned on on all three devices. you’ll find this in the iCloud system preferences on Mac, and under your name at the top of the Settings on iOS devices.


Thanks for the note, Chas. Will work on it.

Problem is with Contacts. I have 6 - SIX only - in the "A"s on the iPhone.
(That must be from the first list on my first device - an iPod.)

The current number of "A" contacts on this iMac is 122.

In comparing my iPad with the iPhone, I see that the Apple ID
on the iPad … is
on the iPhone …

I finally realized that I needed to sign out of the account, on the iPhone, and was then was able, in Settings> (my name) to change the ID on the iPhone to and used the password for that ID.

All that has been done but … I do not see, in Contacts on the iPhone, as being updated to the fullness that is on the iMac.

The number of "A"s in the iCloud is 51, the same as on the iPad. So the Contacts on the iMac are not being shared with the iPad nor with iCloud.