Syncing issues between iPhone and Mac


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For the last two years I have been having problems in trying to sync my iPhone and my Mac, mainly with photos and music. The syncing process will back-up the iPhone but will then cease syncing with the notice that the ‘session failed to finish’. I have been able to work around this by re-installing IOS in the phone but this only lasts for one or two sessions and then the problem starts over again.
I Google the issue and found a so-called solution which was iTunes/File/Devices/Transfer purchases to David’s iPhone, but this didn’t work at all.
Has anyone else experienced this sort of issue and, if so, were they able to correct it?
Many thanks, Dave


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If you are using iTunes to sync to your iPhone, then you might try using a different USB cable to see if that makes a difference. Also, make sure your computer is set not to sleep while the sync is going on. Have you updated to the latest or at least the most recent past version of iOS?