Tax Filing Software

Norm L

It's a long time till next tax filing time, but I thought I would start now rather than wait till it's too late. Turbo Tax seems to be the most popular software, but when using on Mac or iOS everything is in the cloud. I'm interested in completing the tax return on my Mac. Has anyone used Studio Tax? It is free or share ware; developed by a few guys based in Ottawa. It gets quite good reviews - it is not as "refined" or "glossy" as TurboTax but it seems to get the job done. I would interested in hearing from any VMUG members who have first hand experience with Studio Tax. Thanks in anticipation.


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I'm afraid I'm not familiar with Studio Tax, I'll have to look into that. I've heard nice things about TaxSlayer, but again haven't used it.

Norm L

Thanks, Chas. I had a quick look at Studio Tax - from what I could see there isn't a Canadian version - or I missed it?? Cheers

Bruce Whittington

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I've used Studio Tax for three years I think, and I have no complaints. It sometimes takes a little figuring to see where to go next, but probably all apps are like that. I have also used Turbo Tax and at least one other in the past, can't remember why I switched (maybe because it's free?) but it has been fine, and I even have some small business income tax reporting to do (but no investment stuff, which seems to be only smart people . . . )