TimeMachine Backup


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Great meeting last night and lots of good questions answered. I was not quick enough with my typing to get this one out there. For Time Machine I am using a dual hard drive box (WD MyCloud drive) I have on my network for three different Mac computers. Working well and it automatically duplicates stuff to its second drive. Recently added an external drive to one of the computers as I was doing an "upgrade" to its maximum OS which is now High Sierra. Have added this second external drive to its Time Machine list. When adding it asked if I wanted to continue using the original Time Machine back to my WD network box as well. I said "YES" and now it seems to be alternating back and forth between them. I also created two partitions on this new external drive and used one for a Carbon Copy Clone to be able to boot from before I did the "upgrade".

Question: Can one encounter any issues by doing this back and forth method or is it better to just go to one location with Time Machine?


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If you want to have two Time Machine backups of the same machine, the method you describe should work fine.