unable to send out email


I'm hoping someone can help me with this problem...I do not want to revisit a shaw tech as it will be my 4th in 2 days!
ON sunday all 3 macs could send out email but could not receive any emails. It was extremely windy so sometimes that does affect our internet service. This morning I spoke with shaw and did some tweaking for 2 hours on my 3rd mac but nothing was working. But slowly after 7....service returned to two macs. Unfortunately I did most of my tweaking on my 3rd mac and now it is unable to send out email...but it can receive. The message I keep on getting when I try to send out email is: cannot send message using the server mail.shaw.ca . On the 3rd mac...the mail acct info is as follows:

account type: POP
email: cjkwan@shaw.ca
incoming mail server: shawmail (this is greyed out)
username: cjkwan@shaw.ca
outgoing mail server (smtp) mail.shaw.ca (offline)

I think my second mac is the server to the 3rd mac.

ON the second computer...
incoming mail server is pop.shaw.ca
The outgoing mail server is shawmail.vc.shawcable.net

Any help will be greatly appreciated


Don't feel guilty that no one is able to help me with this...if shaw call #4 is a failure...I'll just switch to gmail.
It's just a pain in a butt to have to go through 2 home email addresses to deal with business and personal email.



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I routinely check for new messages here and didn't see your post until just now (Friday). First off, this definitely sounds like some kind of Shaw issue if the service fixed itself on your other two machines. I'm not sure why you are still using a POP (single machine) account when you are obviously checking it on two or more machines, and if you do talk to Shaw I'd suggest that they move you to IMAP so that all of your Shaw mail syncs across all your devices.

The correct Shaw settings for POP email accounts is as follows:

(unencrypted, which is likely what you're using)
Incoming mail server and settings:
Incoming Mail Server: pop.shaw.ca
Server Type: POP
Security Type: None
Port: 110

Encrypted incoming mail server and settings:
Incoming Server: pop.shaw.ca
Server Type: POP
Security Type: SSL/TLS
Port: 995

Since your incoming email seems to be okay, these are probably the settings that you are using.

The outgoing settings for machines that are using Shaw as the provider should be:

Outgoing Mail Server: mail.shaw.ca
Server Type: SMTP
SSL: off
Port: 25
Authentication: Plain Text, None

While I can't recommend GMail because of their (lack of) privacy policies, I do encourage you to create and use a "real" IMAP-based email account and slowly discontinue use of ISP-provided email, which as you've experienced is increasingly flaky, contracted-out and of zero interest to your provider to really fix. If you need a secure, privacy-focused alternative ... as a Mac or iOS user with an Apple ID you *already have* and iCloud account, why not use that?


Chas....your assistance is why I always renew my membership.
Your advice is solid...I will put that thought into action.
Your info for outgoing mail server was spot on...thank you.