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I'm looking for some help in putting files on to a WordPress website. The first issue is a calendar page which I get in pdf. The website builder and tech support guy says that not all browsers can read the pdfs, so he has converted them into image files (jpgs) to put up. However, I can't seem to get it big enough so that when enlarged it's readable. There's a similar problem with a Word file that I need to post. As soon as I post it, all the formatting disappears and if I try to convert a pdf version, it, too, is too small and very fuzzy when enlarged. I don't have Word, but I tried using Open Office, and it still messed up the formatting. Anyone help?


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I prefer to use pdfs over jpgs because pdfs are scalable and jpgs can only be reduced (not enlarged). However, pdfs don't automatically display on webpages like jpgs do. You can put a link to a pdf on a webpage that will open the pdf when clicked on. Another option is to use a plugin like Google Doc Embedder which allows you to display pdfs on a page.