Wanted - Older style Used Ram


Does anyone have any removed RAM sitting in a drawer from an upgrade at some previous time that is no longer used?
Working on a couple of older iMac's for 2 of my younger granddaughters. Got both updated to Sierria/High Sierra but little light on RAM. Each has two empty slots so trying to juggle some minor RAM upgrade. Not sure I can mix the 1067 and 1333's in the same machine so going with original listed items for each of the two iMacs.

Looking for both or either
4 GB pair of 1067 MHz DDR3 (for Mid/late 2009 iMac)
2 GB or 4 GB pair of 1333 MHZ DDR3 (for Mid/late 2010 iMac)

Just a shot in the dark but thanks for looking.


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I can check around for you. As a rule, NEVER mix RAM speeds together unless you enjoy crashes. A good resource for all your RAM upgrade options for any model of Mac is everymac.com.


In your debt for responding to all my three entries onto the Forum. Was my first access to it this weekend. Thanks again! Yes I use the everymac.com site regularly which is where I confirmed the two speeds of ram I had asked about for the two different machines I set up for Xmas/grandchildren. I suspected it was not a good idea to move a pair of different speeds into either machine despite what I had found reading various comments on the internet. Thanks for looking even if any are not found. Appreciate you taking the time to reply to these posts.