why is the goll-darn-heck isn't my login data on my phone or iPad?


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Tonight I have paused my Starlink as we are finishing up an up coast cabin season. I tried to log in on my phone, then on my iPad. Neither had my login saved. then my wife suggested trying the laptop. Which did remember my login data and went smoothly. Why in the goll-darn heck does this not work between my devices? Is there someone to smack? Cheers everyone! Happy fall...


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This is what keychain sync with iCloud is for. That there is a discrepancy between your laptop and your mobile devices suggests that not all those devices are syncing Keychain.*

*though I did have a client who was blissfully unaware that she had two Apple IDs, and couldn't figure out why her photos weren't syncing, so maybe that's another area of investigation ...