Hello All: Question for you. When Catalina comes out and Word will no longer work, what happens to the documents that I have? Have been using pages for awhile but there are some old docs from a few years back that were on Word of course, and the app is still on the mac too. Do they disappear if I delete the Word app once it is of no use. Thanks Donna


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Pages will open most Word documents. You can check to see if the documents you are concerned about will open in Pages by right-clicking on the documents and choosing Open With, then, in the list that appears, click on Pages. If all of your Word docs open in Pages then you can safely delete Word. NOTE: Sometimes there could be formatting changes or font substitutions when Word docs are opened in Pages.


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If you delete Word, nothing happens to the documents you created with it.

Be aware that not all previous versions of Word will stop working in Catalina; just the 32-bit versions. Office 2016 as well as the current version will work fine. Also be aware that literally every word processor for the Mac, whether from Apple or third parties, can read Word files (and can save files in that format too).


Well that makes me feel better, not that any of it is world shattering stuff but there are some that I would like to hang on to. Thanks to Terry and Chas again.