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By Frank Petrie

Apple has become a joke.

After this week’s disappointing event, I find myself saying words that I never thought that I would utter. ‘Microsoft is seriously worth looking at for my future computer needs.’

Apple has spread itself too thin, messing about with cars and such. What about the computers? Does the management recall that they even sell Mac Pros, Mac minis, or any other product that isn’t a mobile device?

I remember when Apple users used to look down upon the Windows OS. When a plethora of manufacturers sold Windows OS devices. And they were all sub-par!

But now the table has turned. Apple only is really concerned with their mobile products. The rest be damned.

My mid-2012 MacBook Air is dying. It needs immediate replacement. I was hoping that they would introduce some new iMacs. I could either buy a new model or people would be dumping their older models for newer ones, thereby providing me with some good used iMacs to choose from. And at reasonable prices. But no such luck.

I have a college mate who works in Hollywood. He has five Emmys® under his belt. After this last event, he tells me that the pros are seriously looking at dumping their Apple rigs and replacing them with Windows equipment. Apple, are you asleep at the wheel or do you just not care about the pro market anymore?

I know that Steve Jobs said ‘don’t think what I would do,’ but I suggest that maybe it’s about time that Apple should. Their track record since Steve’s passing has been absolutely abysmal in both the hardware and software departments.

After seeing the new MacBook Pro and its ports, one question immediately came to mind – didn’t Apple have an ecosystem at one time? Y’know, when it wasn’t a test to see if you could seamlessly go from device to device without jumping through hoops. Instead, Apple has now become a dongle specialty company.

As I said earlier, I have to replace my computer hasta pronto. I’ll still probably buy a refurbished iMac through Apple.

But from this day forward, if anyone asks my advice as to which platform to choose, I’m going to recommend that they take a hard look at both platforms and decide which one suits them the best.

Oh Steve, how we miss you.

©2016 Frank Petrie