The best way to find out about the Victoria Macintosh Users Group is to attend one of our regular monthly meetings usually held on the second Wednesday of every month at the Trafalgar Pro Patria Legion  411 Gorge Rd E  Doors open at 6:30 pm, meeting begins at 7:00 pm. These informative meetings include a very brief business meeting, tips and help session, member and commercial demonstrations of hardware and software, plus lots of time for informal discussions with other members. Non-members are welcome as guests on payment of a $5.00 fee (this can be applied towards the cost of membership if purchased at the meeting).


Individual $35
Family $45
Corporate $60


Please go to our About Us page for latest information about SIGs


VMUG publishes a monthly newsletter full of interesting articles, tips and general information which is mailed to members prior to the monthly meeting. In addition to articles submitted by our own members, we sometimes include items from various news sources, including other user groups. For contact information, visit our Executive Contacts page.

A digital version of the monthly newsletter is available on the MACtalk archive page.


VMUG supports two listservs: VMUG Members and Executive. Our members use their listserv as an almost instant help line for all those little computer problems that seems to crop up when you least expect it. This benefit can save you many times the cost of a membership. A listserv is like an Internet newsgroup, except the “news” comes to you by e-mail.

Two options are available:

  • Regular in which you receive individual emails, as sent into the Listserv or
  • Digest when all messages come packaged in one larger email sent to you a few times a week.

To subscribe, send an email to the listserv including your name and whether you wish the Regular or Digest option.

To change your listserv preferences go here.

To view an archive of the listserv look here.

To view the listserv rules and edict click here.


The VMUG Paper Library contains numerous instructional and informative books and magazines on a variety of topics relating to the Macintosh operating systems, both OS X and iOS as well as various Apple programs such as those from the iLife and iWork suites.  This material is available for members to borrow and use between meetings. For further information, contact


Discounts are available to VMUG members at several retail stores around Victoria. Check the newsletter for up-to-date information. VMUG occasionally arranges bulk items for resale to members at low prices.