From the President’s Desk

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aitan-243x320 copyWith all the craziness surrounding the recent Apple event it’s hard to imagine how the hardware we lusted and fantasized about last year are now technically obsolete. Except for some reason they’re not. When Apple announced its new lineup of iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and the radical “X” (pronounced ten), it made particular note of the fact that the iPhone 7, 6s, and 5c are still a part of the lineup.

An odd departure for Apple, I think one of the reasons is that we’re finally reaching a point where mobile processors are able to somewhat keep pace with the operating system. Up until recently, every new iOS heavily impacted the performance of the generations before them. The fact that we still see Apple actively selling iPhones that are 3 generations old says a great deal about the maturity of the hardware and software.

That, and the fact that there is still a lot of unsold legacy iPhones that Apple can sell for less than the cost of the flagship.

Quietly taking a backseat at the event, Apple’s latest operating systems were discussed merely in passing as they showcased special features of the new phones. iOS 11 launched happily on the 19th, and has already received a quick bug patch to 11.0.1. macOS 10.13 or High Sierra was released with little fanfare a week later, and these operating systems are going to be the focus for our upcoming General Meeting.

We’ll look forward to seeing you at the Pro Patria Legion on the 11th. Happy October!