From the President’s Desk – August 2017

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aitan-243x320 copyWhile many people I have met seem completely mystified by “The Cloud”, most don’t go too much further than to decide that they don’t trust it. With computing progressing at the pace that it is, it’s understandable how hard it is to maintain a clear distinction between terms and technology.

For some, the idea of having all of your personal (or client confidential data) distributed over a nebulous array of servers strewn across North America, is an abhorrent idea. In some cases, storing data outside of the country is illegal. Enter Personal Cloud Computing—the Cloud, but private. At this month’s meeting, Charles will be showing us what Personal Cloud Computing is. There are many manufacturers—many players in the game, and it’s a growing field.

Ultimately, and this is all you really need to know—cloud computing turns our devices into mere windows into our data. It doesn’t matter whether we’re looking at it from a website, a smartphone, an iPad or a dedicated application on a computer—the data is the same. When you make a change on one, the data is viewable on any other almost instantly. In the case of regular cloud computing, the data is everywhere, and nowhere in particular. In personal cloud computing the data is on a specific device or set of devices in multiple locations—all of which belong solely to you.

Personal cloud computing brings you the benefits of being always connected to your data, without the privacy concerns of having someone else host it for you.

Chas will also be bringing us up to date on the latest developments in the iWork suite of apps—Pages, Numbers and Keynote. I look forward to seeing you all there!


Aitan Roubini, President