From the President’s Desk – February 2017

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Happy February everyone,

Around this time last year we were already getting hints of an early spring, but as I write this the snow is falling on beautiful Victoria—the perfect time to capture the rare winter beauty of Victoria and submit it to our quarterly photography completion.

This month at the general meeting, we will be looking at cloud note taking solutions such as Microsoft’s OneNote and Evernote. We’ll also be taking a look at Smart bulbs and how they can do more than control electricity consumption, but set the mood for a romantic evening.

I look forward to seeing you all at the meeting this month. Bring a list of questions for the Q & A section of the meeting—being prepared with questions about the nuances of the iOS and macOS platform are a great way to help enlighten everyone—it’s always surprising how one person’s query is applicable to many.

See you soon!!