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aitan-243x320 copyApple’s most recent announcements bring welcome change to the Mac lineup as well as some significant revisions to the iPad pro. One comment that I hear a lot however are that the prices seem to have gone up on all of Apple’s equipment, and I find within myself a hard time swallowing some of the costs I’ll be facing with some planned upgrades of my own.

For the most part I would suggest that Apple’s pricing on Macs and the iPads are a means of protecting them from increases in supply costs. Every few years, Apple will do a reassessment of the USD to CAD exchange rate. I believe that unfortunately, Apple is also girding themselves against the tariffs that are being imposed on imported product from China.

For the most part.

The iPhone XS and iPad Pros I believe are a different beast. Apple has for the last number of years been designing and producing their own processors, moving away from the standard i3 / i5 / i7 CPU’s that we’re used to. With the last iteration of the iPad Pro, we have arrived at a point where the processors Apple uses are beginning to eclipse the performance of Intel’s chips.

Apple’s “A” monikered line of processors were always seemingly just appropriate for mobile use—low power consumption and lower performance. Their release of the most recent A12X brain  for the iPad Pro is so powerful, Apple claims it is faster than 92% of all portable processors in use today.

The takeaway? While laptops and desktops will continue to have a place in the foreseeable market, the iPad, and more importantly the iPhone, are being positioned to overtake traditional computing hardware at the centre of our world. Not only are our iPhones the centre of our world digitally—they will see be a central hardware component that drives peripherals such as large format displays.

I believe that the iPhone or iPad will become the computer, and the price of such a technology has to be commensurate with the task it will be performing. Of course, for the power hungry pro’s, who need performance well beyond 90% of daily use, the Mac will continue to grow.

I’m looking forward to seeing you all at the November meeting. We are still in the process of finalizing what will happen to the iSIG in Cordova Bay, but will keep you informed on any progress we make.

Best of luck to everyone who’s bought tickets for our December Prize draw. If you haven’t already, pick them up fast before they’re gone.