Here’s How to Access Your Yearly Apple Music Replay Playlists

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Here’s How to Access Your Yearly Apple Music Replay Playlists

Wonder what music you listened to last year? Apple has quietly added a year-end-roundup feature to Apple Music, called Apple Music Replay, that details your most-listened-to artists, albums, and songs, and offers a playlist of your most-played songs from every year you’ve subscribed to Apple Music. Oddly, it’s not accessible via iTunes or the Music app.

Instead, you need to use the Apple Music Web app (see “Apple Launches Beta of Apple Music for the Web,” 6 September 2019). Scroll down in the For You section until you see the Replay banner, or just click this link and log in with your Apple ID.

2019 Replay in SafariReplay gives you all sorts of interesting statistics about your 2019 listening habits. Mine are a little screwy from playing things that will put the baby to sleep.

Top 6 personal albums for 2019Have fun browsing the statistics, but the best bits may be the Replay playlists. At the top of the Replay screen (see the first screenshot above), there’s an Add button to add your 2019 Replay playlist to your Apple Music library. If you scroll down to the bottom, there are also Add buttons to add Replay playlists from years past to your library.

Replay playlists for 2017 and 2018Once you add the Replay playlists to your library, they appear in iTunes and Music like any other Apple Music playlist.

Josh's Replay 2018 playlist