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aitan-243x320 copyOn June 5-9—merely a month away—Apple will hold its World Wide Developer Conference, also known as WWDC. Since Apple left Macworld in 2009, WWDC has been the stage for their most significant keynote presentations. It is a time and opportunity for Apple to show us where computing is headed.

While we all consider technology and computing as the hardware underneath, Apple’s special sauce is the software—, and WWDC is where they prepare developers for the upcoming improvements to macOS and iOS, the software that runs Macs, iPhones and iPads.

What will make this WWDC special? Well, this year is the 10th Anniversary of the iPhone, and the world is wild with imaginative talk about what the next iPhone—the iPhone 8—will bring us. Now while they may not announce the new iPhone at WWDC, the operating system that it will run will be announced. That I find very exciting and always a little glimpse into how our world is about to change. Make sure you come to June’s General Meeting to hear us review WWDC’s key announcements.

For May’s General Meeting, Chas will be taking us through some personal cloud applications, Skype, FaceTime, and the hit team communications tool—Slack. As a Slack user myself I’m excited for you to see how this tool works, and will see why so many groups and organizations use Slack for high-performance communications.

Please jot down your questions and bring them to our Question and Answer section. We’re always willing to tackle the tough stuff, and shed some light on your Apple mysteries.

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